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Wild salad with fresh ingredients from the yard

Wild Salad with fresh ingredients from the yard - © Gourmet Friday

Wild Salad

I promise you, this wild salad is not going to leave you indifferent. This spring in search of an alternative to the familiar green salad, just because I did not have to leave the yard, and the shops are miles away, I remembered the phrase „Let’s go green“ and turned it into a daily ritual.

As a crazy gold digger, I began to dial everything that was edible in the yard in the spring. I learned a lot about nature’s green treasures. And my characters on the plate, this season are many and are all green. Fresh petals of young nettles are perfect for soup, and wild garlic and onion, dock, crispy sorrel petals, mint, garden mint, parsley and dandelions, I convert to lavish salads. Open your mind and see all new possibilities in green and turn them into a gourmet, because remember: the ingredients are in your head.

Ingredients for 1 large wild salad:

Dial 2 cups mix of green leaves, herbs and spices. In other words, everything that you know and you are sure is fit to be eaten.

  • leaves of dandelions (tastes bitter)
  • sorrel
  • parsley
  • mint
  • garden mint
  • chives
  • wild garlic
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • wine vinegar
  • cooking oil

edible flowers for decoration:

  • dandelion blossom
  • violets
  • primrose
  • clover


Soak the petals in cold water for about an hour. Wash well and drain.

Taste with salt, wine vinegar and oil. Optionally sprinkle with pepper. Stir with your hands so that the petals are well seasoned.

Serve in a beautiful dish and decorate with edible flowers.

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