Port Grimaud – the Venice of Provence

Port Grimaud - the Venice of Provence - © Gourmet Friday

Port Grimaud

If you’re on the road or near to Saint Tropez, the iconic Mediterranean resort on the French Riviera, do not miss to turn off the road and enjoy the colorful idyllic of Port Grimaud. The town is located at the bottom of the bay of Saint Tropez at almost equal distances between the eponymous resort and Saint Maxim.

If you come here at the height of the summer season and want to continue to Sergeant Ludovic Cruchot’s famous town, I recommend leaving your car in a parking lot and taking one of the water taxis crossing the bay. So in addition to saving hours spent in traffic jams, you will be able to admire the amazing number and variety of vessels in the bay. From huge cruise liners, through yachts of all sizes, to very small sailboats, scurried in all directions.

Port Grimaud
Port Grimaud to Saint Tropez – © Gourmet Friday

Port Grimaud itself is quite a nice place, reminiscent of Venice with the canals and colorful houses perched on both sides and of course with different restaurants and cafes. There is also no lack of the feeling of luxury and high class inherent in this part of France.

The new “Venetian” part of the town has actually existed in this form from about fifty years and is the product of the imagination of the French architect François Spoerry, but this in no way takes away from its charm.

Port Grimaud
Port Grimaud – © Gourmet Friday

On the hills above the port is the village itself, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Be sure to try the local wine, honey or dishes with chestnuts or wild mushrooms picked on the slopes. And why not visit the Grimaud’s wine cooperatives, where wine lovers and experts always find what they are looking for.


Port Grimaud

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