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Fruit salad in ice cream cones

Fruit salad in ice cream cones

Fruit Salad

An interesting and delicious way to serve fruit salad. Since my great daughter refused to eat fruit as a small one, at home we were experts in masking them in a variety of forms. So we came to this cheerful and festive-looking version of a fruit salad, that we presented for her favorite ice cream. Naturally, this lie did not work for too long, but for a time it’s was successful. This version of the presentation of fruit salad is also very suitable for home and large parties. An extra bonus is that there are no dirty dishes at last.

The necessary products and the way you prepare this fruit salad allow you to use your imagination:

Buy ice cream cones. Prepare a mix of your favorite fruits. On a water bath, melt natural chocolate with a little coconut oil. Dip the top edge of the funnels into the melted chocolate. Optionally, you can dip a little and at the bottom of the funnels for a sweeter finish of the salad.

While chocolate on the edge of the funnel is still warm, sprinkle it with colorful sugar sticks for decoration. There is also a healthier option that we prefer. If you are like us use coconut and bee pollen.

Cut into chunks fruits and fill the cones. Mint leaves and edible flowers will make the picture even more catchy and joyful for the eye.

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