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City Stage – the biggest club scene in Sofia

City Stage

The club with live music in Sofia, City Stage opened its doors in late September 2017 and quickly recruited admirers. The club features two scenes – big one for concerts and live music, and a small one suitable for stand up comedy, puppet theaters and other theatrical performances. The capacity (up to a thousand people), the kitchen and the cozy interior are the other things that distinguish City Stage from other similar clubs in Sofia. Of course, we should not miss and perhaps the largest bar, loaded with thousands of alcoholic delights, which can satisfy even the most picky connoisseurs.

The interior is characterized

by the predominant oak elements that give both a sense of luxury, warmth and home-like coziness. Friendly attitude makes you feel like you are a long-awaited and desirable guest, and a real attraction is the Catalan chef Josep Maria Galceran Alonso (or simply Pep), who will be proud to offer you some typical Catalan cuisine such as crema catalana.

City Stage
Nice music, plenty of alcoholic beverages, food and a cozy atmosphere.

The club’s program is quite varied. Performers from a variety of music genres have concerts here. Especially rock, pop, blues and jazz. „Amy Lives“ was also featured here, featuring the original Amy Winehouse Band members.

Apart from the music lovers and theater lovers,

the place is also suitable for fans of the sport. On the big screen, you can follow the matches of the best leagues in Europe, on the biggest tennis tournaments and any other sporting events causing interest.

City Stage
The space in front of the small stage is delicately separated and is maintained in the spirit of the old town cafes.

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