Blackcurrant liqueur – CRÈME DE CASSIS

Home-made blackcurrant liqueur

Here is another recipe for the collection of home-made liqueurs. Prepare yourself this irresistible liqueur with a distinctive fruity aroma of currant. You can consume a blackcurrant liqueur pure or use it for different cocktails like Kir Royale and El Diablo. According to your taste, you can make this liqueur of black currant, red currant or both in different proportions.


  • 4 tea cups black currant and (or) red currant (only the fruit, without leaves and handles)
  • 500 ml of pure alcohol
  • 600 g of sugar
  • 600 ml of water


Place the currants in a large bowl and crush until there are no whole fruits. Add pure alcohol and mix well. Pour into a glass bottle with lid and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. Stir the mixture again gently and transfer to the refrigerator. Leave for 7 to 10 days until the alcohol gets a thick red-purple color and assimilates the taste of black currants and red currants.

Strain through the gauze into a large glass jar. Squeeze it well because otherwise much of the liquid will remain unused.

In a suitable saucepan make a syrup of sugar and water. Heat until boiling, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Add the cooled syrup to the alcohol and stir. Pour into bottles and store in a cool and dark place.

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