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Obicà – Mozzarella bar in Florence

History, delicious food and fancy design or in other words – the story of Obicà – mozzarella bar in Florence

Seasonal, authentic, fresh. In Italy, everything related to food is not accidental. Coming to Obicà, a mozzarella bar in Florence, I was overwhelmed by the pure taste of fresh produce, the beautiful serving of a traditional food in a modern style and the cozy atmosphere. I felt the harmony, which the heart of old Florence gives, combined with contemporary interior design. When I asked a little more about the creator of this place, all the pieces of the puzzle of good taste came quite naturally to their places. The first Obicà Mozzarella bar in the world was opened in May 2004 in Rome and the idea was by Silvio Ursini.

Обика, Флоренция

Who is Silvio Ursini

Born in Naples – Silvio is a typical Italian polite gentleman but with an unusual for restaurateur past. „Food has always been a passion for me … shopping, cooking, and going to restaurants,“ he says. Little surprise in his biography is that after working at Procter and Gamble he worked as the creative director of luxury Italian brand Bulgari, where he clearly developed a taste for creating a sense of everyday luxury. As with all Italians, his passion for food is immeasurable. Traveling often to distant places around the world, he is particularly impressed and inspired by the sushi bars of Tokyo. „I thought the presentation of the food at Tokyo’s sushi bars was impressive and incredible. I was thinking, can we do something like this for Italian food? Then the idea of a mozzarella bar came to me. “ Apparently, his concept and good taste are a successful, because restaurants in his chain can be visited in Italy, USA, UK, Japan and Dubai.

While working at Bulgari he travels a lot around the world.

„What I saw was that the big Italian brands were designing and imposing style all over the world, but no one had yet created a successful Italian food company. And so I decided to start an endeavor in Rome, and after the idea started working to develop the idea beyond Italy. “ So restaurants are a fact, and the word that their creator describes them is: it’s all about freshness. Ursini has a clear idea of offering exquisite food, which is enough for his restaurant to participate in the Italian Gourmet Guild, and has a clear vision and attitude on Slow Food issues. Obicà works mainly with local manufacturers and craftsmen who make amazing products with their hands, products that are delicious and look great. „We make traditional Italian cuisine in a contemporary way. We rely on elegance, purity and freshness of taste. The ease of preparation emphasizes the qualities of good products. „

To this end, the creator of the chain travels a lot. Apart from Japan, he was inspired by the Italian countryside. „I travel a lot to Obicà, especially in rural Italy. I visit small and remote villages where we have amazing suppliers and craftsmen. Meetings with them are interesting and their products deserve attention. „

So if you are in any of the listed places in the world and there is a Mozzarella bar Obicà nearby, just make a reservation. It’s worth it.

Book on:

Obicà Mozzarella Bar – Tornabuoni

Via de’ Tornabuoni, 16

50123 – Firenze

Tel. 055.2773526



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